Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earth Fare conversation w/ gentleman who measured out our pound of curry chicken salad

Gentleman- Did you adopt her from China?
Me - yes.
Elizabeth with a gasp- How did he know I was born in China???
Me - Because you are so beautiful.
Elizabeth - oh. Can we eat here?


Lynsay said...

That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing and giving me a good laugh!!

a Tonggu Momma said...


tiffany said...

I love that and it reminds me of something that happened in Sophies class at CHINESE SCHOOL last year. This was everyones third year and at least half the class had been the same kiddos and knew each other well because the moms had become good friends and we would take kiddos on playdates each week and such. Anyhow, one week one of the moms was in there serving up bday cupcakes and overheard-
one child said we are about to go to China to get my baby sister...and another says hey MY baby sister is from China too! Then another is shocked at this and says says well I am from China too and then you start seeing light bulbs coming on as they all realize that they were ALL born in China! So funny it took them three years... :)

Michael and Starla said...

That's precious, that's all I can say.

Mom Of Many said...

Precious baby girl!! So, so sweet!!

With love from Uganda!xo

Susan said...

L, What an honor to hear from you while in Uganda! I've followed each step and was especially moved by your day on Sunday! I can't wait to see those babies in your arms when you step back on US soil!! Hugs from home!

Kristy said...