Monday, January 5, 2009


there is an ancient parable about a young man on a journey. He came upon a raging river and needed a raft to cross. He built the raft and safely made it to the other side. He decided to bring the raft with him for the rest of the journey just in case he would need it again someday. He ended up carrying the raft on his shoulders with him the rest of his life never using it again.

Can I ever relate to the above! I look around my house and see all the things I *might* need or use again someday! Do I REALLY need to save that empty gourmet lemon curd jar?


Mom Of Many said...

I am so with you girlfriend.

Once upon a time I read about a woman who wanted to de-clutter so she asked a dear friend to come and help her. The friend loved her enough that she trusted her to really help her get rid of junk AND yet, not demoralize her in the process.

Wish you lived nearby, I would ask you to come help me objectively look around and ditch...

To my credit, I have been working my hiney off the last few days to get rid of and there are currently FOUR lawn/leaf black bags FULL to the brim waiting to go to be donated at the thrift store. Dw is quite proud of me. I have been going thru everything I can think of...we have alot of people to accomodate under our sweet little roof!!

By the way, I love lemon curd and tea parties...come have tea with me!

And NO - you don't need to keep the lemon curd jar!! Take a picture of it if you must! BUT Ditch it!

Susan Stevenson said...

This is the year I de-clutter! Well, that's one of my goals, anyway! I started with my Christmas decor. As I packed it away, I tossed the old (non-sentimental) ornaments that were worse for wear. It was so liberating!

Little by little, room by room. That's the way to do it. Good luck!

Janelle said...

having just moved, I AGREE!! I spent the past year (I thought) decluttering and was still amazed at how much extra stuff we have. It's also making me think about my spending.