Thursday, January 22, 2009

Questionable post

I debated for a while about whether to make this post but thought it might help others in the same situation so here you go..

My husband has "been invited" and decided to participate in a clinical trial for those with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). I don't think he reads this so he will have no clue why people (who have seen this) are smiling and chuckling at him the next time he sees them! The theory is that IBS is of a bacterial origin and a very common medicine used to treat travelers diarrhea in a much higher dose will "cure" the problem. To date there appears to be about an 80%+ success rate.

Participants will undergo a "free" colonoscopy -_-_-_HEY a bargain's a bargain right? After the colonoscopy they will keep a journal for approx. 2 weeks of their diet and then finally the drug (or placebo).

I'll post the results upon his completion of the study.

So today and tonight my sweetheart 'enjoys' a clear liquid diet along with the infamous 'prep' for the procedure and has the distinct honor of getting his *free* colonoscopy in the morning.

Cheers dear!


Mom To Six said...

Ok...I'm holding in the laugh. Sorry, just something about it. Poor Guy!

I'll say a prayer that all goes well.



Susan Stevenson said...

Free is GOOD!

I've had three colonoscopies since colon cancer runs in my family. I hate the prep, but I sleep soooo good when it's over. The knock-out drugs they give you almost guarantee a nice nap.

Good luck to your husband with the procedure and the study.

Mom Of Many said...

Well welcome to the world of "growing up"...actually they found Pre-cancer when I was 38 and so I had to have a colonoscopy every two years. Let's see, admitting that I am the big 5-0 I have had 7. I actually like them. The prep is not-so-fun, but the sleep after is so well worth it all. =) Of course, being a man he is probably going to take the "sleep thing" till February...LOL...


Janelle said...

hmmm, I love a bargain and freebies but might say 'no' to that one - LOL! Seriously, I hope all 'goes' well and that a treatment is determined. A good friend just got that diagnosis, too and it's just not fun at all.

BTW, in your last post is that the fireplace in your home? it's amazing! we are using ours a lot : ))

Sherri said...

My husband had a colonoscopy a few years ago. The stuff they gave him to drink was pineapple flavored.

He hasn't been able to have pineapple since then!


Erin said...

Oh, so sorry! But hopeful that it helps his suffering. You are funny Susan!