Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot Carob, Inauguration, Snow, and Chinese New Year

We woke to a beautiful blanket of snow and even though it wasn't deep, it at least covered the ground. It was just enough to close the schools and below freezing temps. kept it on the ground all day. Obviously the first thing the children wanted to do was "go play in it".. forget breakfast, dressing for the Arctic, and brushing teeth,, just let me OUT MOM!!!

Out they went and enjoyed every second in the frozen tundra of our backyard. A short time later little red nose prints appeared at the door and it was time for a warm up of hot carob, honey, vanilla and some extra marshmallows. It was approaching the noon hour by this time and we turned on the Inauguration coverage.

I huddled John and E'beth together on my lap with our fire going and we snuggled under a large cozy blanket and prayed with them about our nation. I explained again why we don't agree with most of Mr. Obama's ideas and agenda. John spoke up before I had the chance and exclaimed that we still need to pray for him since he will be the leader of our country even if we don't agree. A very intuitive child. Yes. We prayed that Mr. Obama would open his heart and let God lead in decisions that will affect the families of our nation for generations to come. We talked about how blessed we are to live in a country that has a peaceful transition of power and leadership etc.

About that time President Bush entered the Inaugural area. I was quite disturbed to hear THIS as our sitting President walked in. In my opinion this was beyond disrespectful during such a public and historic occasion from those that speak of tolerance. I had to attempt an explanation to our children why (after just talking about the importance of praying for our new leader and honoring the office of Presidency) the crowds of Obama supporters were so disrespectful (especially at that moment) to the only President our children have ever known.

On a much more upbeat note we have started to decorate our home each year to celebrate Chinese New Year. After the Christmas tree is taken down, I have some cherry blossom branches that John and Elizabeth decorate with ornaments and string lanterns over the fireplace. Elizabeth sings what little she remembers from some Chinese new year songs (thanks to our friend Donna S :) Sadly, this Mommy isn't much help with the memory of Mandarin!

After this it was full circle and time to go outside again now that the mittens were dry! Around dinner time (how convenient) once more the little red noses appeared on the breakfast room window.. Then, DADDY CAME HOME and took them OUT AGAIN for nighttime sleigh riding! Can you just imagine the look on their faces when Daddy said 'lets go out after dark and I'll take you sleigh riding! We certainly made the most of our inch of snow~!


Lori said...

That's funny about squeezing it all in....I let the boys out all day too because snow doesn't happen often and they LOVE it! :)
I didn't hear the "booing" for Mr Bush...how very disrespectful and sad. I don't care what people think politically or of him...he deserves respect.

Mom To Six said...


Sounds like a wonderful time was had enjoying the snow!

I so respect the way you are teaching your children what God expects of us, and to respect others. I, too, was very saddened when I heard the chanting as President Bush made his way in. Very sad!



Amy said...

I knew there was a reason I left my tv off all day Tuesday. ;)
How sad, but I must say it does not surprise me. These are the people who elected our current president. For all the wrong reasons, I am afraid. But, like you and David, we are trying to teach our children to simply pray for our leaders, and for God to lead their decisions and their lives.
On a more positive note, sounds like you guys had an awesome snow day! Wasn't it torture to set that alarm on Thursday? ;)
Can't wait to see you guys! :)Well, other than through a car window ;)