Friday, January 16, 2009

the gift

We gathered our family this evening and told them the story of the fire at'aplacecalledsimplicity' and how tonight there are no familiar jammies to wear, no special blankies to hold, no favorite stuffed animals to cuddle with, an unfamiliar bed, etc.. we watched our children's eyes grow wider and wider. Then, our 4 year old Elizabeth started to cry. She went to her room and began to sift through her things and got a box to mail them. Our son joined in and took scotch tape from a drawer to 'tape' the box. The items in the box would probably be so insignificant as far as every day use but the fire has touched our children's hearts in a way we never could.


Mom To Six said...

Amazing to see little hearts in action. I love how your teaching your little ones such compassion.

Our prayers continue for the Saunders family.



Erin said...

Bless their sweet little hearts. It touches me to hear this. Children are so pure and loving... we could all take a lesson from them.

Kristy said...

So very precious - our children too, were taken aback with this fire......we continue to pray for them.