Thursday, May 13, 2010

Angie and Emma "Gotcha" Day!!!

The last morning in Beijing went quickly as preparations for the flight to Xi'an China were underway in addition to the families needing to be ready to go straight to the
Government building after arriving in Xi'an to receive the babies. Angie was very calm (at least on the outside) and we were all extremely excited. We said goodbye to our Beijing guide (Lisa) and were off to the airport.
The flight to Xi'an went smoothly and we arrived in Xi'an greeted by our newest guide (Jo Jo) holding a sign with our names. The driver speed away for our little over an hour ride to drop off our luggage
at the hotel and then take a brief walk to where the babies were waiting.

Anyone care to guess if the hotel had working air conditioning? English speaking folks around these parts are few and far between so it was suggested by the hotel staff that we :

A. open the window if we were hot (temps outside were in the 80's and the sun on our side of the building)

B. When we attempted to convey (using hand motions) that we were hot and wanted the air conditioning to work, they misunderstood and switched it to the "heat" button thinking we were shivering. (heat is turned off also btw)

C. Argue with Communism.

We chose C. and finally they actually switched it on for a very short while when they were told the group was considering switching hotels if they "couldn't" turn it on.

Eventually however it was a no win battle but thankfully the forecast was calling for cooler weather as the week progressed.

After checking in and dropping off luggage, the march to the civil affairs office began!! WE WERE ON OUR WAY TO GET THE BABIES!! For Angie, an over 5 year wait was almost over!!

We took the elevator up to where the babies were waiting and could hear cries. We turned the corner, and there she was!!! It was surreal. Angie gently reached for Emma (Lan Lan) and she came to her without tears. Softly Angie whispered to her and Emma was amazing. Calm, sweet, taking it all in and seeming to understand Angie was hers!! From moment one it seemed as if they had always been together.

The other family's little girl (Shea) was not there when we arrived, but about 15 minutes later she was brought in with her caregiver. Both children seemed to be cared for very well and were spotlessly dressed and clean. It was obvious that they were loved very much by the "nannies".

After about 30-45 minutes we were walking the same path in reverse back to the hotel... and 2 little girls lives had been changed forever.

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justastonesthrowaway said...

Congratulations Mommy! What a beautiful daughter :) Thanks for sharing your special time with me. I can remember all of those emotions and it so makes me want to go again!

Enjoy your sweet baby girl!