Saturday, May 15, 2010


Our guide sent us off for the evening to have dinner on our own. In China this can be quite a risky adventure in many aspects... She pointed us in the direction of a small local favorite authentic Chinese
restaurant down an alley type street and said it was "very good" and "you like".

We arrived and were seated right next to the window where the Chef's prepare the food. After the dishes are ready, they place them on the counter as you see above, and then the waitress brings them to your table.

We ordered for our group and were waiting on the food to be cooked. One of our dishes was finished and placed on the counter along with several other patrons orders.

All of a sudden, we felt wet water drops splashing us and a waitress running by quickly. She was trying to hold on to a very large fish that was desperately trying to escape! The fish was flapping wildly and she was running to
get it to the Chef's before it slipped out of her grip. The problem was she had to hand it to the chefs through the window with it flapping and spraying water all over our freshly prepared food!!! YU K!!!!!

It didn't seem to phase the chef's who took the fish and then gave the waitress the 'fishy' dishes to bring to the table. Yum Yum!


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