Monday, May 10, 2010

Wok and Roll with Chef "Debbie"

In a quest for diversity in all things Chinese during the few days we had before the main reason for our journey we decided
to take a Chinese cooking class. The class was held on a rooftop overlooking West Street in Yangshou. The view was wonderful of this
hopping part of Downtown Yangshou and the end result was some of the best Chinese dishes we have ever tasted! John at first didn't want
to take the class, but we gave him the option of sitting on the bench outside of the restaurant and waiting for us for a few hours... He decided
he would go ahead and take it. Once it began, he throughly enjoyed it and seemed to be a little more tolerant of Chinese food after he made it

John accidently dropped his marinated raw chicken on the floor and "Miss Debbie" scooped it up and ... umm I thought there was NO way I was
going to let John eat that chicken after it fell on the floor. She looked at me as if she finally realized not to even go there.. and said "In China we don't
worry about things like that".. we cook it and "it ok"..

The instructor gave us copies of the recipes so if anyone wants to know the "secrets" behind the real Chinese way of cooking, just yell :)

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Lori said...

Oh yummy!! I'd LOVE some recipes!

Love the chicken on the floor story! Too funny!