Friday, May 7, 2010

Rollin' down the riv-ah...

The Li River that is. We took a little excursion and hopped a "cruise" boat taking us from Guilin city, to Yangshou further South. Lunch was served on the boat, and the fish were brought to the back of the boat via fisherman
that docked to its side. The chefs worked as the patrons enjoyed some of the most magnificent scenery in China. It truly was breathtaking and so relaxing. The photographs here were simply from my point and shoot, but Dave captured some unbelievable images.

Along the way, peddlers on bamboo rafts came up to the boat and tied their rafts to it's side and attempted to sell items. They actually risk their lives as the large boats are moving fairly quickly and you can see from the pictures how dangerous this could be. I felt sad when I looked into the eyes of one of them as he seemed desperate to sell anything for any amount. (anyone need a jade buddha?) John is certainly learning about different ways to support a family!!

The adventure lasted about 4 hours and we disembarked at our next port of call :).. Yangshou!

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Patricia/NYC said...

WOW!! Gorgeous scenery & John looks like he's having a blast!!