Tuesday, May 18, 2010

See, Smell, and watch where you step! (and a visit to the Great "Wall"- mart of China)

Quickly you learn never to walk outside your door without your camera in China. You simply never know what you will see. Here are some interesting things we have seen
here in Xi'an including a visit to a Chinese "Wal-mart". Walking down the street we stumbled on a woman that looked like she was dead. A younger man was kneeling down beside
her crying and bowing. We asked our guide what was going on here and her summary of the situation was that this was a way of 'begging'.

Obviously the food is as different as the habits of this culture. What would be considered 'normal' here in China it would be considered "odd" in America ..and certainly vice versa. It is critical to watch things
like brushing your teeth with tap water, avoiding ice in drinks, be ware of lettuce and other things that might be washed w/ tap water (or unwashed) and so on, but it's been fun and interesting to observe
this vast cultural difference.

While visiting a Chinese Wal-mart we saw a large fish flop out of the tank onto the counter below. Dave was video taping the "selections" and heard the thumping and flapping actually getting the 'escape' on video.

It is common to walk down the street or be in a public place and see a baby or toddler wearing something called "split pants". These are pants that literally have a split in the back (exposing their bums) and diapers would then be unnecessary. You certainly watch where you step along the sidewalks! The public bathrooms are a nightmare in most cases and parents simply let their children use the bathroom right on the street or floor. We have seen this over and over during our journey.

The sights, the smells, the experience. The good, the bad, the ugly.. we are so grateful to have had this opportunity.

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