Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello all! Since John is not permitted to blog in China (the website is blocked, bummer!), they have given me the opportunity to post for them! My name is Jillian, and I am a full-time student studying in Sweden right now (countdown to home: T-4 weeks!). Oh, and when the Swedes say full-time student, what they really mean is one class a week. It's going to be a challenge going back to ETSU! It has been nice though, it's given me an opportunity to travel around Europe a bit. S might have told you about me in a former post... however, I'm not as handy of a blogger as she, but I really should update mine more often! This is a picture of me at Trinity College in Dublin, my latest trip. Thought it might be nice to put a face to a name. Hello!

I'll have you know, S is so happy you all have been keeping up with their travels! She said, "even though we can't see the comments or respond we are so grateful to hear from those at home!" S has been emailing me in Sweden so I can post all the wonderful details of the trip! I know she is really looking forward to going through the compilation when they return. I myself can't wait until they post about the main reason they came... "gotcha day!" Hope you all have followed Angie's blog as well, and I would add a link but I have NO clue how to do that as S does! She's already posted a bunch! :) Take care and God bless!

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