Monday, October 20, 2008

Any ideas on how to clean off spider droppings?

No Mom, please don't kill it! So, John named it Zig Zag (quite clever IMHO). We watched Zig Zag for several weeks. Zig had babies and that was it. Mom and Dad decided it was time to break the cycle of life. Now we have spider poop that is nearly impossible to get off our window sill. Any experts on this topic out there?

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Mom Of Many said...

That is the coolest picture! No clue on how to clean it off, but super, super cool picture. And John - super name for the spider! Liberty and Luke found a tarantula (sp?) on Sunday while playing at Luke's house. They looked in a book and found it to be a Mexican Tarantula. I asked them if it eats chips and salsa? =)