Friday, October 10, 2008

Ever heard of

Beautiful Downtown Short Pump is just outside Richmond Va. and when I lived there many moons ago it was simply a small little gas station/ general store at the end of a 2 lane road just before you hopped on Interstate 64. Now, it is one of the 'thriving' areas of our country despite the current housing situation and realestate is actually doing very well. You would think you were in a suburb of Washington D.C. Well, actually I guess it is these days.

Anyway, last year we stopped at the Short Pump Town Center. Don't let the name fool you, it a very impressive outdoor mall with many interesting things to do besides shop if you know what I mean. One of the things John and E'beth fell in love with was a little house just their size. It was a simply constructed miniature version of what I remembered the old Short Pump gas station/ store to look like. The children had a ball with the pint sized furniture, desk, old adding machine, table etc.. E'beth was the waitress, and John was the customer. They played in this sweet little store for over an hour.

Wish we could build one in the back yard ;)


Paula said...

What a cute place. Kid size. Yes, I bet they loved it!

new mom in law said...

FUN! I want a little house in the back for my grandaughter (and all future grands). Our local high school's shop class will take on those projects for the cost of the materials,,,as a learning project! You may want to check into that. Again, precious pics!!

Mom Of Many said...

Near our old stompin' grounds! We've been to some of the same places (Alaska, Richmond)...that's pretty amazing, isn't it?!