Friday, October 3, 2008

This answers lots of questions..

Here is an article from the New York Times dated September 30, 1999. How did our country get into this economic mess in the first place? - Here's the reason.


kris said...

oh but wait... it's all Bush's fault, remember? The media said so...

Paula said...

Yes, that article really makes sense. I can see how we got into this mess.

Tisha said...

VERY interesting. Thanks for posting this. I've already forwarded this to several family members and friends. We are in the housing industry in CA, and we most definitely have felt the effects of this mess. Let's pray that things turn around soon for our country! (And don't get any worse!)

Tisha :)

Shelley said... it started on CLINTON'S watch? WHAT??????? I thought that Bush was behind the whole thing!!! I mean isn't he responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the last twenty years including all natural disasters and the like!!
Unbelievable!! Can we just write in Palin on our ballot for President???
I'm ready for the rapture thank you!!