Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Did you know?

I started to entitle this post "The Audacity of Obama", but have decided to keep this simple and to the point.

Did you know...

Mr. Barack Obama is a very articulate, well dressed, poised individual.

He also :

sponsored S.CON.RES.53: A concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress that any effort to impose photo identification requirements for voting should be rejected.

In 1999 Obama was the only Illinois State Senator to vote against a bill barring early release for (criminal) sex offenders.

He voted against filtering pornography on school and library computers and he voted for sex education for kindergarten children through the 5th grade.

Also, in 2001, Obama voted “present” on a bill to keep pornographic book and video stores and strip clubs from setting up within 1,000 feet of schools and churches.

He voted "present" 129 times instead of a yes or no during his term in Illinois. You won't be able to do this in the Oval office.

The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was legislation that would require hospitals to care for infants who "mistakenly" survive an abortion. Obama spoke against the legislation in 2001 and 2002 and single-handedly defeated it in committee in 2003.

A friend stood in Obama’s path and said, “Senator, we are going to pass Born Alive here in Illinois this year.”

Obama smiled smoothly and agreed, “I think you will,” adding, “I would have voted for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in Illinois had it been worded the same as the federal bill. I think that’s the position the Democrats should take.”

There’s just one thing he forgot to mention: Obama had stopped his committee from adding the federal wording.

With Obama no longer in the Illinois state Senate, the Born Alive legislation passed in 2005.

Mr. Barack Obama was ranked our nations #1 most Liberal Senator this past year.

Mr. Joe Biden was ranked # 3.


J said...
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Mamacita said...

You don't think that Kindergarteners should be taught that it is inappropriate for anyone to touch them in or around their genitals and underpants areas? I think that is critical during a time when children are molested by people who they know. Their siblings, their extended families, their priests. That's sexual education. No one is trying to teach a Kindergartener to put a condom on a banana. Read up on the issues, please!

Susan said...

hummm, let me see if I understand you mamacita and j.

Obama wants to teach K-5th graders about the inappropriate behaviors you describe above, but was the ONLY Illinois Senator to vote against a bill barring early release for convicted criminal sex offenders.

Then, he votes AGAINST filtering pornography on school and library computers.

Also, in 2001, Obama voted “present” on a bill to keep pornographic book and video stores and strip clubs from setting up within 1,000 feet of schools and churches.

What a guy.

Susan said...

To J,
Yes, it does seem that Obama and followers want to make sure all get a chance to vote with little or no questions asked. Here's an article for you from the N.Y. Post explaining more of the ways they are accomplishing it.
CLEVELAND — Volunteers supporting Barack Obama picked up hundreds of people at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and drug-rehab centers and drove them to a polling place yesterday on the last day that Ohioans could register and vote on the same day, almost no questions asked.

The huge effort by a pro-Obama group, Vote Today Ohio, takes advantage of a quirk in the state's elections laws that allows people to register and cast ballots at the same time without having to prove residency.

Republicans have argued that the window could lead to widespread voter fraud because officials wouldn't have an opportunity to verify registration information before ballots were cast.

Among the volunteers were Yori Stadlin and Vivian Lehrer of the Upper West Side, who got married last week and decided to spend their honeymoon shepherding voters to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Early today, Stadlin's van picked up William Woods, 59, at the soup kitchen of the Bishop Cosgrove Center.

"I never voted before," Woods said, because of a felony conviction that previously barred him from the polls. "Without this service, I would have had no way to get here."

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J said...

What exactly is it that you object to? Driving homeless people to the polls? Or the fact that Democrats are driving them? You know that the Democrats who drive the vans don't get to fill out the ballots for these homeless people, right? They still get to vote for whoever they want to. And it's not a "quirk" in Ohio's election law; it's a law that the Ohio legislature deliberately passed. There are nine states that allow people to register & vote on the same day. It's not that unusual. The Republicans are just mad that they didn't think of it first.

Mom To Six said...


When people are so closed-minded, it's not even worth trying to explain to them. If Obama indeed does win the presidency, I think J and Mamacita better hang on tight, because life as they know it will radically change. Ignorance is bliss!

As to the abortion issues, know my stance. Obama is a baby murderer even though he's not the one performing the actual abortions. It's ok...someday he will face the ONE who will hold him accountable.


~~ said...

Fact: I voted for McCain/Palin already. ;)

Amy said...

FACT: I love you, Susan. :)

FACT: I don't know that I agree with the people who are touting Obama as the anti-Christ, but it sure seems that he is "invincible" to anything and everything. Doug says he's "like rubber, you're glue, anything you say about me bounces off me and back to you". ;)

I agree with Ohilda.
"hang on tight, because life as they know it will radically change. Ignorance is bliss!"

Just try to remember, God is in control! :)

J said...

"Just try to remember, God is in control! :)"

Um, Amy, then doesn't that mean that God intended for Obama to be elected president?

Susan said...

j, there is a big difference in "intend" and "allow". I believe God has "allowed" this. America has turned their hearts and minds away from Him, and he now has given the majority what they have "asked" for.

There is an old saying .."be CAREFUL what you ASK for"...

(cut and paste the above to watch something very disturbing)