Monday, October 20, 2008

A simple click to see if there are any registered Sex Offenders in YOUR neighborhood

HERE'S a link where you simply enter your zip code and you will see a map of offenders that might be in your neighborhood, or nearby. With Halloween just around the corner, this is a great site to bookmark. You can also click on the offense and see the details. I was shocked at the number of these "individuals" that came up on the map surrounding our vicinity.


Mom Of Many said...

I know too many adults who would rather pretend that sex offenders don't exist! We must be vigilant at all times! Having been victimized by sex abuse for almost 10 years, I know all too well. Twenty-five years ago while walking thru my emotional healing my very wise counselor said to me, "Linn if you are not crystal clear as to the provision for your kids - with anyone - it doesn't matter who it is or where they are, then you never, ever, ever leave them with him/her." Crystal clear!! That has been our theme song as we raise our kids. Great information Susan - way to go!

Barbie said...

Thanks for this. I just found your blog and am glad I did!

By the way... save your breath when it comes to reasoning with Hayley. Her anger shines in all of her posts and you will never be heard. :-) For once I would like for these people who love Obama so much to actually tell me why rather than blasting McCain and comparing the two.

Anyway, glad I found you!!

Paula said...

I've checked that out too. Its pretty shocking. We only had one about a mile away, but in our old neighborhood when we lived in Santa Cruz, they were all over the place.
~~ any word on Leigh?

Barbie said...

Oh my goodness. I just checked this out and there is a man just down the street from us that is an offender!! My 15 year old daughter walks past his house every day on her way home from school. She says she has seen him before. She will now be walking home a different way! And his nasty face is hanging on the side of our fridge.