Friday, February 22, 2008

Dave packs and I get cold feet...the new house

 Note: we are catching up some out of town family and friends since I haven't sent Christmas cards since we returned from China... so sorry, but I do enjoy getting them! 
After deciding it was time to either move or clean house :).. I began to have 2nd thoughts. It was a sweet house (a little on the small side for our growing family) but we were just down the street from my Mom, and the sentimental stuff began to kick in. My heart just wasn't into the transition, but the school we had chosen for John to attend would have meant at least 2 hours each day on the road commute (round trips) not to mention all the after school activities the children were/ or were going to be involved in. 
We have a wonderful lot that we will hopefully build on, but it would have been impossible to build and be settled before John started school. The house we found was almost walking distance to our lot, and very close to Johns school. So, Dave starts methodically packing and I occupy the children and attempt to keep the dog from being bubble wrapped and boxed. 
The decision was to go ahead and move out so that we could "de-Kid" the house prior to putting it on the market. In addition, it could be ready to 'show' in a moments notice,,, instead of at least a months notice :) After moving all our junk out of the house, I *really* began to have some 2nd thoughts as it actually looked nice! Its amazing the amount of stuff  that one accumulates. Add to this the children's stuff and... suffice it to say the movers ended up with a pretty nice haul for them to take home and clutter their house with. --We kept the kids and the dog.
I really think there is something to living simply and limiting 'things' we have. It feels so much better to look across the room and be able to see the room instead of 'things'. 


Mob said...

I agree, especially when you have kids. There is a lot of STUFF. But in some ways, thats what makes a home. I always get sentimental too when I leave a house.

Sandy H. said...

Will you rent David out when we move next :) We have way too much stuff and I need to start making "more" trips to the dump!!!


Janelle said...

we also are planning a 'transition' while building the new place. and there is no progress on that yet. we'll probably move into the interim place spring/early summer.

I want to blog about it but refrain from that because of the temptation to whine and complain.

will be so nice to be settled, eventually...won't it?

Lori said...

It is amazing at how things accumulate. I'm not a pack rat at all and I always seem to end up with more than I need. I've done so much editing in our home and life over the past several months while having our home on the market too.