Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The heart of a child

Our son John is learning to read and write. He has taken his new skills very seriously
and uses them all the time now. Many times throughout the day, he will write me
little love notes. I treasure every one of them and am incredibly grateful that he
has such a kind and loving spirit.

One day, we were out at our favorite garden center. John asked me to turn away and
not look at what he was doing until he called me. humm, OK. So when he led me over
and told me to open my eyes, I saw the heart he drew in the rocks for me.

Couldn't have asked for a more wonderful surprise. I often feel so inadequate in the
responsibility to help shepherd this precious child's heart. I'm watching him transition
from a little boy into a beautiful young man right before my eyes. Time is passing so


Patricia said...

As a mother of three grown sons, I can say with all honesty, the time is gone before you know it. Enjoy the time with them while they are young and keep them close to your heart.
You have a beautiful family!

Lori said...

Oh what a sweetie, I love the heart in rocks. :)

Danielle said...

What a sweet, sweet boy. I love all your posts. You take the most amazing photographs!

krj said...

Oh my gosh how I've thought of you guys so often! I'm at a friends, the mac will be here tomorrow, and then I am reading some serious archives on your site!!

I've missed you!!!!!!

Mike & Ramona said...

How sweet is that! What a beautiful young man!

Love the blog! Thanks for posting the site on the FCC group!

tiffany said...

I am just learning the joys of boys. :) I am most surprised by how sweet my little man is! Very fun.