Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feathering the nest

I think anytime there is a move, there's a period of time where your new home (whether it be a house, apartment, college dorm, etc..) doesn't quite feel like "home" right away. Often in my case, it doesn't feel like home until you get ready to leave it, lol

An Indian family lived next to us early in our marriage and the smell of curry even today brings back the memories of this family. The wife would cook what smelled like delicious and intriguing combinations of spices that would filter up the stairs to our apartment.

At that time, we were living in a small 2 bedroom apartment and the Indian family had the same type of floor plan. One day, I realized they had out of town guests that were staying and staying and.. so one day, I asked the husband who his house guests were. He replied that his parents, a brother, and a few other misc. family members were 'visiting from India' with them for awhile. This was in addition to their own 2 children. As best I could determine there were somewhere between 9 and 12 people living in that tiny 2 bed room apartment. 

I asked where they all slept, and his reply was the following:

"Where there's room in the heart... there's room in the home"

Ok, so I'm thinking this is a good little life lesson here. Not that I followed the Indian families example, but it sounded good- or perhaps it just saved a big hotel bill! ~Back to the new house..

We attempt to unpack while at the same time get the old house ready to put on the market. John and Elizabeth didn't miss a beat and seemed to enjoy exploring the new surroundings. It was Mom who was as usual that was having the more difficult adjustment :) Getting two houses down to one was the immediate priority, so our concentration was aimed in that direction.



Brittany said...

Did you or David take all the non-kid pictures? Just wondering, because I love them!

Susan said...

Hi Britt! How are you? I think its a combo.
BTW, thanks for the tooth goodie bag for J + E. They had great fun w/ it and thought the floss was beyond cool. :) It was very sweet of you to think of them. We miss you!

Mob said...

It usually takes a while before I feel comfortable in a home. You know your "home" when you can get up in the middle of the night when its pitch black and make your way to the bathroom without turning on any lights.

Lori said...

I like that quote, it is a good lesson. :)