Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's only 14 and might not live- **New Update below**

There is a young 14 year old girl whose name is Erin that wasn't feeling well last Thurs. Her parents took her to the Dr. and it was Strep. By Friday, she was much worse and on Fri. evening she was taken to the E.R. and admitted to ICU. Her organs began to shut down, and her parents were told she might not pull through. 
Today (Tues.) they are in the process of airlifting her to Vanderbilt Univ. in Nashville and once again her parents were told she might not even survive the trip. I can't imagine anything worse than to see your child so gravely ill and not be able to help them.
Events such as this make us really focus on the fact that there are no promises that we will see tomorrow. For any of us. I'm sure this precious 14 year old girl or her parents had no idea last Thursday that she would be facing death. 
There's nothing more that can jolt our thinking about where we will be spending eternity than to watch someone you love exit from this world.
You can read updates and more about Erin HERE
Erin's at Vanderbilt! She made the flight. Read the incredible latest here.


Angie said...

Thanks for adding this to your blog - more people praying! God is in control! I think He's shown his power in that she's made it so much further than the doctors thought! There will be no doubt that her healing came from God! Still believing in that miracle!

Mob said...

What a tragic thing to happen to this sweet girl, I'll be praying for her!

~~ said...

How terrible. I pray the Lord heals her completely and gives her parents the strength they need through this battle.