Monday, February 4, 2008

Where we left off

My intentions have been far greater than my actions since returning from China. I've intended to send Christmas cards each year, a 'We've Moved' and new address card to our family and friends, and lots of personal notes. Obviously that never happened and so perhaps it will be easier to keep up here.

So,"here" we are.


Susan 2 said...

hey girlfriend,
well maybe this is the way we are to keep up for awhile. Each days passes and each day I said to myself --oh I want to call Susan and catch up ...hahaha

I love this and I WANT ONE!!

HAs been crazy here in 2008. A friends husband went into hospital 1/11 and prob will die there. Stage 4 cancer and organs failing. I have clocked many hours helping. For some reason, partially unknown to me, I am to be surrounded by death to learn even a bigger leasson form God. It is very sad as he is 49yrs old..2 girls..11, 13yrs old. So that has kept me soooo swamped in addition to my general I call myself.
.and I can call my blog.. "
the disorganized organized momma"

love ya..keep in touch and I will tag your blog!!! Susan 2

Susan said...

Susan2- how I wish we lived closer. I know this has really been a tough year for you and Cliff. Very sad to hear of this 49 yr old Dad w/ the girls. You are anything BUT disorganized. Get a blog and let us keep up w/ the B. family! Its much easier than sending out Christmas letters! lol.

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog~ your blog is beautiful, gorgeous photos and family.
Good luck with your journaling!