Sunday, February 10, 2008

. a sister

Remembering when my Mom and Dad were expecting my sister (I was 3 at the time).. I was deeply concerned that every time my Mother went to the bathroom, we would all see the new baby frolicking around in the toilet bowl when she was finished ;)..

I am so thankful to have someone that is always there, understands all family situations, is with me spiritually in wanting a Christ centered home, and whom I look to for much wisdom in raising our two children. My sister has 4 children, home schooled them for many years and generally is an all around 'I want to be like her' person.

Chris, you are an amazing mother, wife, sister and daughter. My love and respect for you grows deeper and deeper with each passing year.

Happy Birthday.
I love you.

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Lori said...

Sweet post for your sister~ happy Birthday to her! :)