Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Shelley said...

what a cutie patootie!!! Glad you have stepped forth into the world of blogging!!! now we are all looking forward to good things from you!!! :-)
love ya

Melissa said...

Very sweet! I'll keep checking in here. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you all have been. Busy, I assume, as any family with young children is.


2China4Ayla said...

Oh my goodness, your Elizabeth and my Ayla do have some similar features. She is just stunning. I am anxious to see even more pictures now. :o) Thank you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers for my baby girl.

Janelle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and I was thrilled to find yours.

Can't wait to catch up with your family and learn what you've been up to. The site is beautiful, by the way!

I hope it's okay if I add you to my blogroll on the sidebar...