Thursday, February 14, 2008

Now that V'day is history..Tis the season for bikinis and weddings

Well, perhaps we can ditch the bikinis, (I have an interesting habit of keeping a small point and shoot camera most everywhere we go- you never know what you might see ;) but we are looking forward to a family wedding coming up this spring! John and E'beth will be in the wedding,  and we are so excited. The entire week will be filled with fun celebrations and memories. We will be going to the Santa Barbara area for the ceremony overlooking the Pacific ocean and it will be wonderful! The bride and groom have thought of everything and have some interesting and innovative plans for their event. With permission, I share with you the following : 

The surprise proposal was during a stroll along a beautiful beach. Todd had planned an elaborate ruse in which Ashley found what looked like an ancient treasure map lying on the beach. After excitedly looking the map over, Ashley quickly came to the conclusion that the hidden treasure was only a few hundred yards away from the very spot they were standing! Increadulous, she quickly found the secret spot, and set Todd to hand shoveling the sand to dig up the hidden treasure. Minutes passed... then hours, and with the sunset fast approaching, Ashley began to lose hope... until BINGO! Todd finally hit something solid- a treasure chest! Amazed, she helped him brush the sand off the chest handles so that he could get a firm grip. 

Todd hauled the chest out of the ground and bent down on one knee, beads of sweat glistening red on his forehead from the setting sun, he opened the chest and reached deep into it to reveal it's mysterious contents - a ring! Of course! A beautiful wedding ring! Then, at the precise moment that the very first flicker of light danced upon the diamonds' surface, a 19 piece orchestra Todd had flown in from Vienna slipped out from behind a swath of trees playing Schubert's ninth concerto, as his three brothers simultaneously released a flock of rare Norwegian Ice Swans with the precision timing of a master swiss watch maker. As the swans made their majestic ascent, flying high above their heads, they cast graceful shadows in the sand like silhouettes of angels... and as the last shadow passed, and the final green glint of the slipping sunset danced for the briefest moment in her eyes, she looked deep into his...and she said "yes"!
Well, .... that's what they will tell their grandkids anyway.

Todd actually surprised Ashley by "popping the question" on a wonderful hike, high in the hills overlooking one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Shocked, and apparently at a loss for words, Ashley laughed for about 10 minutes before finally saying yes.
Todd and Ashley, Congrats! We are very excited for you both and are so honored to be a part of your special day! See you in the Spring!

 Now, I wonder if anyone knows where I can get some white boots like the ones above. :-)


Janelle said...

oh dear -- what a photo op that was!! hilarious.

what a clever & fun story they told - you are guaranteed a memorable trip - have fun & come back and blog about it (are you hooked, now?)

tiffany said...

LOL Those poor people in that top photo. What were they thinking? LOL

How fun to have a wedding coming up and what great pix you will be able to get of the kiddos all snazzed up for the occasion. :)